We will work with you to develop a strategic road map for building and developing your brand.

Generating equity in your brand:

  • builds market share
  • delivers increased margin
  • defends against competition
  • allows for extension branding
  • attracts and retains staff

All can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved
Sun Tzu
Chinese Commander 500BC
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brand strategy

We will work with you to develop a strategic road map for building and developing your brand.

We will help you articulate your brand purpose and what makes you unique, relevant and engaging.

We will work with you to define your distinctive tone of voice which will endorse your brand personality, and create an emotional response in your target market.

Our brand strategy workshops can play an important part in the formal strategic planning processes of your organisation.

Some of the key outcomes of a Brand Strategy Workshop for your brand are:

  • How a successful brand works
  • Brand values and brand personality
  • Brand tone of voice
  • Your proposition
  • The target market and their behaviours
  • Competitors brands
  • Your brand positioning statement
  • Brand objectives
  • Brand structure
  • How to overcome brand barriers
  • Winning “buy-in” from staff and stakeholders

Your logo is one of the key ambassadors of your brand

The main purpose of a logo is to prompt good experiences of, and positive associations with, your brand in the minds of your target market.

A good logo should be distictive and visually aligned with your company’s brand values, personality and proposition.

It should be simple, memorable and stand out. This helps with recall and recognition.

A logo derives its meaning and usefulness from the qualities of the brand which it symbolises.

Using the logo correctly will build equity in your brand. We all prefer to deal with strong brands we recognise, know, like and understand. To ensure that the logo is used consistently we will develop clear and concise brand guidleines for the application of the logo.

Tivo Logo
The Seafood Ristorante Logo
Bolivia Uncovered Logo
Cup Logo
Digital Dexterity Web Design Logo
Elios Logo
Erskine Logo
Eskers Logo
Nitrospark Logo
OMI Logo
Renewable Energy Logo
Ricos Logo
retailTRUST Logo
Sher Gill Logo
Taste Perthshire Logo
Brand Guidelines
Unless you have absolute clarity of what your brand stands for, everything else is irrelevant.
Mark Baynes
Global CMO Kellogg